17 August 2011

Fire Fairy

The first time the fire fairy revealed herself to me was around Pentecost. But I first finished the Ocean Water Fairy drawing and then started with this one here.

While  working with the energies of the fire fairy (means while being connected) - I got a new poem as well.

Words of a Fire Fairy

I'll spark your life and I'll be your flame.

I am no angel, I have no name - as my names are many

as sparks of the flame.

Call me a devil, a fairy is nice.

Call me no mery ... I hate the disguise.

I am open, I am true ... I am no demon,

I am but true.

I am the drum of Afirca's heart,

I am the sun that even shines in the dark.

I am the hatred,

the power, the flame ...

I am the glory,

the selfish, the game ...

I am the huntress,

the derwish, the sun ...

I am but many ... so call me no name.

I can be with you, whenever you like

beware as my helping can more be like a spike

I will be treating 'ya the way 'ya deserve

I can be tender and gentle and brave

and I can be cruel & forgiving no mistake.

Choose the way you want me to be,

as I am but many - and many is me.

© Copyright 2011 TriciaDanby, All Rights Reserved.

Ocean Water Fairy

I had another visit from a fairy in the last months and this time is was connected with the element of Water.

 She might be part of a new project.

Drawing digitally

I am currently working with the trial version of Corel Painter 12 and I am loving it!

There is such a glow and light ... lovely.

I am re-working watercolour drawings I made and here are two of my latest works:

Hildegard of Bingen


Ocean Water Fairy

of course, Copyright - Tricia Danby! NO use without written permission. All rights reserved.