11 November 2012

Being alive

It is more than one year ago since I've made the last entry so far. Well, I am still alive though.

Many things have happened in this year. My father did pass away in March 2012 - which was a great shock though. I still do miss him and I know that I always will, although I do know that he is doing good where he is now. He is with me so many times.

A month later I had to let go my precious cat Lady. It was hardly bearable to give her into the arms of the Lady over the Bridge.

Besides those two very hard punches in my life ... I had wonderful moments on my brother's wedding and one the wedding of one of my best friends.
For sure there were other lovely moments, too.

For example: Lily and Piers!

Lily and Piers are two little kitten sharing our flat now. So we are two artists sharing the flat and four cats. What a household I can tell you! Never gets boring with two kitten. Currently I am writing and Lily lays on my hands (yes not easy to type) ... because she NOW needs to cuddle. She can be very insisting.

This is Lily ...isnt she a beauty?

Next to that all ... I did work hard on the paintings for the oracle card deck we are working at: "The Spirits of Nature".

My paintings are all done now ... and I am so proud and happy about it. Now it is Rowan's turn - but she is doing an awesome job, too and it is sheer bliss watching the card deck grow.

When it is not the nature spirits, who come and want to be painted ... there are Goddesses and Gods "knocking" as well as angels and other spiritual beings. Sometimes it is getting crowded here ... but one after the other.

For now I would like to stop writing ... as Lily I pushing her wet nose in my face all the time and wants ME to cuddle her.