21 June 2011

Blessed Solstice

At night, at night, I dance and sing
Solstice may now begin.

I praise the Sun, the holy God.
I praise the Earth, the fruitful Lady.
I praise the Water, the Wind, the Fire.
I raise my voice - higher and higher.

Today the blessings shall be plenty
the fruits be growing steadily and gently.

At day, at day, I dance and sing
Solstice may now begin.

The fairies sing and dance along,
accompanied by my angel's song.

This my blessing now shall be,
Sun in your life and fruitful months for thee!

 Copyright since 2011 - Tricia Danby

9 June 2011

January until June

I once did write those short poems as a part of a challenge someone gave me on deviantArt in 2006 (goodness time is running)


Snow covered landscapes glistening in the winter light,
the Ice Queen’s dress is shining in bright daylight.

January is when the bears are fast asleep
and your feet sink in the fluffy white snow so deep.

A new dawn of year has just begun,
soft are the touches of the winter sun.


February starts with Brigid’s day
and the sun is sending its brightest ray.

This means the winter is fading away,
spring is softly calling on that February day.

Valentine sings his sweetest song,
and the lovers turtle all night long.

And should there ever by a 30st day,
we should celebrate this until the 1st of May.


In March we celebrate the awaking of the nature
and the little tiny lambs should stay on the pasture.

Ostara brings back the green upon the fields,
her Aurora breaks the late icy shields.

The eggs symbolize fertility,
and your lover will come – just wait and see!


April fool, you may be named,
burst out with laughter and don’t be ashamed!

The April Fool may hit everyone,
even your daughter or your son.

Pollen fly high in the air,
No time for sorrow or despair.


Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
and the month is heralded by Beltane’s day.

The holy marriage is celebrated now,
you should honour the couple with a bow.

Take your time, dance and sing,
this is love – this is Spring!


June is the month of the midsummer’s night
when everything is bathed in a mysterious light.

Fairies dance and sing along
and sometimes the humans can hear their enchanting song.

The music of Summer now fills the air,
its time for fun and not for despair.

And June is my birthday month - tomorrow to be exact :)

For all the unseen children

I am shining for you in my brightest colours,
I am wearing my sunny yellow sunday dress for you ...
If you only let me to.

I am singing for you with my beautiful voice,
I am dancing for you in a soft summer breeze ...
If you only let me to.

I will turn and spin,
I will laugh and grin,
I will be the star sparkling for you ...
If you only let me to.

Let me be your sunny yellow colour spot in your grey life,
Let me be your summer song in the monotone sound of your being,
Let me be your refreshing breeze in the dullness of the day,
Let me be your flower in the coldness of the room,
Let me be there for you ...
Let me be ...
Let me ...

See me - I am your child!

I did write this poem in 2008 already and it turned out a bit depressive but somehow the words did flow like that - for all the children not being seen!

The Two Trees

One of my favourite poems by Yeats :)


Focusing by *WitchOfNature on deviantART

This morning I did focus on what I will achieve. It took me some time writing it all down and it felt good and right to do so.
I got very specific with it and it feels totally perfect and realistic.

A very good feeling indeed ...


I look into the Well of Moon and see unsurety inside of me
Into her eyes I look and see, the surety is my belief
So I sit and stare into the night, see passages of my life passing by
start to understand what was there and stretching out my hands with care
slowly I sink into the well, diving, swimming to the shell
Shell of wisdom, holy mine, shell of soul, my divine
Tenderly I touch the shell of love, feeling touched by my angels above
In my hands I hold the light - swimming up into the night.
So I sit and look at me - I am divine, this is Me.

~Tricia Danby~

The Angel's Song

The wind that shakes the willow, sends a shiver down my spine.
The softest earth shall be my pillow, the freshest spring my enchanting wine.
So I dance in moonlight with the fairies,
let my wings unfold and stretch them wide,
I am the angel who's dancing in the midst of night.
I am the dream of dreams
I am the stream of streams
I am the whole and I am the one
I am the midnight angel singing that song.
The softest earth will be my pillow, the freshest spring will be my wine.
You are the wind that shakes the willow ... sending shivers down my spine.

~ Tricia Danby ~

5 June 2011

Random thoughts

I've been to the 1st International Camp of the OBOD - Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids - in The Netherlands yesterday.

Just had the time and money for one day - so I went yesterday with my best friend Rowan, who also in in her bardic year at the OBOD.

What we did see and experience was really lovely and I did enjoy the day a lot. Didn't meet that many people but nodded to a few and had some nice conversations as well. It is never that easy to get in touch with others when you just come over for a day and have to leave then again.

Unfortunately, the meals weren't that good - to my opinion ... but I enjoyed the tarot workshop I did join although the mirror I did look in wasn't that nice to me. Funny thing is - I already knew the messages - but having to look at them again - wasn't that easy for me.

I did like, however, how the tarot tutor did explain and show us the cards. I had to agree inwardly quite often though.

When I do readings for others by using the oracle cards (never worked with tarot) I always check the meanings in the booklet and pick out what seems suitable for me and sometimes it makes no sense at all - and I just tell and say what I see in it plus the messages I usually get when connecting with card and energy.

I scribbled down an energy drawing with yesterday and I will draw this when having finished my water fairy.

Looking forward to it!

The Woodland Fairy

Woodland Fairy
That is the Woodland Fairy who came visiting me these days. She left me with that drawing and a poem / song:

Hear the drums, hear the drums, hear the drums of midnight.
I will dance, I will dance, I will dance till midsummer's night.

My wings unfold, I stretch my limbs,
I will dance, till the summer begins.

My leaves they bow,
My leaves they shake,
until the blossoms are all awake.

I will dance, I will dance, I will dance till morning comes.

My wings unfold, I stretch my limbs,
I will dance, till the summer begins.

Bees and hoppers are all my friends,
till death will part us and the summer ends.

Hear the drums, hear the drums, hear the drums of midnight.
I will dance, I will dance, I will dance till midsummer's night.
 It was quite surprising for me that a fairy did come by ... as I am normally that much connected with the fairy world ... hm - perhaps it was about time then.

I like how the drawing did turn out at the end and I like how she does look out of the picture. 

Right after I've finished that drawing there came another picture into my mind and now I am sitting on a water fairy since a few days ... close to be finished with it.