11 November 2012

Being alive

It is more than one year ago since I've made the last entry so far. Well, I am still alive though.

Many things have happened in this year. My father did pass away in March 2012 - which was a great shock though. I still do miss him and I know that I always will, although I do know that he is doing good where he is now. He is with me so many times.

A month later I had to let go my precious cat Lady. It was hardly bearable to give her into the arms of the Lady over the Bridge.

Besides those two very hard punches in my life ... I had wonderful moments on my brother's wedding and one the wedding of one of my best friends.
For sure there were other lovely moments, too.

For example: Lily and Piers!

Lily and Piers are two little kitten sharing our flat now. So we are two artists sharing the flat and four cats. What a household I can tell you! Never gets boring with two kitten. Currently I am writing and Lily lays on my hands (yes not easy to type) ... because she NOW needs to cuddle. She can be very insisting.

This is Lily ...isnt she a beauty?

Next to that all ... I did work hard on the paintings for the oracle card deck we are working at: "The Spirits of Nature".

My paintings are all done now ... and I am so proud and happy about it. Now it is Rowan's turn - but she is doing an awesome job, too and it is sheer bliss watching the card deck grow.

When it is not the nature spirits, who come and want to be painted ... there are Goddesses and Gods "knocking" as well as angels and other spiritual beings. Sometimes it is getting crowded here ... but one after the other.

For now I would like to stop writing ... as Lily I pushing her wet nose in my face all the time and wants ME to cuddle her.

1 October 2011

Archangel Michael

Michael - Hebrew ‏מיכאל‎; Arabic ميكائيل/ميكا‎ „Mika'il/Mikaal“; translated:  „Who is like God?“ is not only known in Christianity but also in other religions. 

It is said that Archangel Michael shall be the ruler of the 4th Heavenly Realm and he is credited with many other tasks. He is said to be the top angel concerning battling. And he is often depicted with a sword.

The energy of Michael can be like fire ... warming and caring but also full of might and brutality. Although this is nothing to fear. Often seen as a fighter he shows us, like a caring teacher, where our strengths lie but also our weaknesses. 

Who would like to work with the Archangel Michael can do this, e.g. when bravery, confidence, stability and stamina are needed in difficult situations. Furthermore, you may ask Michael for help in matters concerning soul connections as well as shielding of energies.

He guides us to utilize our potential completely and not to loose bravery when something seems to be hopeless.

I personally feel and see the energy of the Archangel Micheal as a very powerful one, embracing me tenderly. It is pulsating in a deep blue with sparkles of gold - and can sometimes have sparks of red in it, too. 

Some persons are talking of a "blue ray" - which is assigned to him and those working with him. 

The element which is often (some variations here as well) assigned to him - is the element of fire.

As already mentioned above you can ask the Archangel Michael for help and support in many matters. 

Who feels shy asking the angels for help ... get over it!

There is no reason for it - apart from that your are not very keen about working with angels and do prefer other spirits or methods.

Help will be granted - when you ask for it!

You may ask Micheal for help, support and advice in the following matters:

- protection (also of your own energies, or the energies of you household, etc.)
- bravery
- clarity
- stamina
- solvation of problems
- soul connections, in need of clarification
- strength
- willpower
- confidence
- stability
- self-doubts, self-determination, etc.
- energetic cleaning

He may, of course, help you in any other matters as well - when you do have the feeling it might help. 

Please take into consideration that working with angels and other spirits does not replace a therapy and treatment by a therapist and/or doctor.

 Energetic painting of Archangel Michael
© Copyright - Tricia Danby - All rights reserved 

17 August 2011

Fire Fairy

The first time the fire fairy revealed herself to me was around Pentecost. But I first finished the Ocean Water Fairy drawing and then started with this one here.

While  working with the energies of the fire fairy (means while being connected) - I got a new poem as well.

Words of a Fire Fairy

I'll spark your life and I'll be your flame.

I am no angel, I have no name - as my names are many

as sparks of the flame.

Call me a devil, a fairy is nice.

Call me no mery ... I hate the disguise.

I am open, I am true ... I am no demon,

I am but true.

I am the drum of Afirca's heart,

I am the sun that even shines in the dark.

I am the hatred,

the power, the flame ...

I am the glory,

the selfish, the game ...

I am the huntress,

the derwish, the sun ...

I am but many ... so call me no name.

I can be with you, whenever you like

beware as my helping can more be like a spike

I will be treating 'ya the way 'ya deserve

I can be tender and gentle and brave

and I can be cruel & forgiving no mistake.

Choose the way you want me to be,

as I am but many - and many is me.

© Copyright 2011 TriciaDanby, All Rights Reserved.

Ocean Water Fairy

I had another visit from a fairy in the last months and this time is was connected with the element of Water.

 She might be part of a new project.

Drawing digitally

I am currently working with the trial version of Corel Painter 12 and I am loving it!

There is such a glow and light ... lovely.

I am re-working watercolour drawings I made and here are two of my latest works:

Hildegard of Bingen


Ocean Water Fairy

of course, Copyright - Tricia Danby! NO use without written permission. All rights reserved.

23 July 2011

The Silver Swan

In the glittering light of the winter moon – there he floats ...
the swan in his silvery gown.

His neck craned to sing the last song.

The song of eternity, of life ... of death.

Bravery be called the companion of the silver swan,
and his canto will be the last ...
listen – what an enchanting tone!

In the pale light of the moon there we listen to the song of eternity,
finally understand the fugacity of our being.

Softly the canto dies away ...
away ... away ...

Silent and still the lake now lays ...
no sound – no single blast.

There a single feather swims ... softly on the rippled surface,
a mere memory of life and its sense.

The sense of living and to enjoy it,
the sense of loving and to allow it,
the sense of taking life as it comes,
the sense of experiencing the sense of life ...

In a moonlit night softly sounds ...
the song of the silver swan!

January 9, 2009 - Copyright since 2009 - Tricia Danby

21 July 2011

The land of fate

In the soft light of the candle I sit and my mind is wandering through the valleys of time.

My soul is searching for the one resembling me the most. On my way through the valleys and over the hills I meet several people and I look at them searchingly, if it is the one my heart and my soul are looking for.

So many people I meet and everyone close who is accompanying me seems connected with me. A silver band can be seen when we look close enough though. Soulmates we are somehow and hand in hand we walk together for a period of time until we have to part again to go our own way.

We have to walk alone a while to feel that it is important not to forget that although we might not see our companions they are still there, as we never walk alone.

Wandering through the valley of hope I am and far away I just thought I did see a familiar looking man. My soul cried out as it never did before and my heart did beat so fast it nearly made me fall.

I shook my head and did not want to believe and soon I wandered over the hills of grief.

Again and again I did see the image of him but my reality stroke back, made me think of other things.

My soul though knows now that he is there ... behind those valleys of despair. It led me through this emptiness, guided me through the swamps of loneliness.

My heart got burnt on the mountain top called "agony" and my feet stumbled in the town named "melancholy".

Now I wander on my road of life and my head I hold up high before I bow with a deep sigh.
I bow before the light of love, shown to me by an angel from up above.

My soul now cries and my heart it sings, I know now it is love that always wins.

"Love for yourself is the key to the lock that opens the gate you are now standing before ..."

This the angel spoke to me and with a smile he handed me the key.

The key in my hand, here I stand.
I've opened the gate to my wonderland.

All my companions are standing by my side and are smiling at me full of pride.

As one we step through the gate ...

"Welcome in the land of fate!"

Written:  May 21, 2007 - Copyright - Tricia Danby