28 May 2011

Woodland fairy in sketch

Finished a sketch drawing of a woodland fairy and will start drawing her today. Got the picture yesterday while driving to the supermarket and I wasn't quite sure how to until I got the complete picture today. Looking forward to it.

Quite challenging again - but well, it would be boring otherwise, wouldn't it?

Have not been in the mood for drawing a couple of days  but one cannot draw all the time, right? Have been out for a short photo tour and wanted to drive away a bit - but either the weather or migraine didn't make it possible yet.

Hope to be able to drive somewhere tomorrow ... would love to!

Off to the drawing table now to get the fairy on paper!

20 May 2011

Energy shower - Refreshing your energies

Energy shower

The energy shower is simple but very effective way of regaining energy.

While showering you imagine the water as pure and shiny light.

The light is the universal energy that surrounds us all. Imagine how the water washes off all the burdens and old/negative energy. See the old and muddy energy floating down the sink and feel how your burdens are vanishing with every water shower.

While you feel the old energy been washed off, the water coming from above is filled with new energy for your body & soul. Imagine how the water is purest energy that you need to feel better re-loaded again.

To avoid that negative/minor energy can have any effect on you, you can imagine that the water creates a protective sheath while running over your body. This sheath will work like an impregnated/waterproof jacket and the negative/minor energy will just roll off.

Angels - history and meaning

Angels - we can nowadays find nearly everywhere – on postcards, in books, paintings, etc. ... but what do angels mean for us?

Is it just the connection to 'heaven' they represent? Is it just that 'light and love' thing?

What do we see in angels?
What do angels give us?

Many people think an angel is just a kind of supernatural being coming from the Christian religion – but angels are much older and to be found in many religions.
When we have a look upon the sience of religions, angels are beings from the Islamic, Christian and Jewish mythology.

The word angel shows that angels are multi-cultural does it derive form the Latin word angelus which derives from the old Greek word ángelos.
Angelos means messenger or ambassador and was the translation of the Hebrew word mal'ach (mal'ak) which also means messenger.

That is what the word angel means now ... but what for do they stand?

Let's focus again on historic facts:

The first display of an angel dates back to 2250 b. C. - where it was found on a seal for scrolls. Around 1500 b. C. when the power of the Egyptian empire was big enough to reach Mesopotamia, the illustration of angels came to Egypt.

Some pharaohs used 'angels' to decorate their sarcophagi.
As of 1200 b. C. it became common in Egypt to us winged angels as guardians for their tombs. And guardian angels were therefore painted above the entrances of the tombs or on the tomb walls. Using angels as guardians for the dead can still be seen today on many graveyards.

Later when Greeks were allowed to study the architecture and culture of the Egyptians, what took place around 600 before Christ, the angels made their way into the Greek culture. Some time later the illustration of angels could be found on Greek vases – some can be admired in the British Museum today.

Greek artists were the first who made detached statuaries of angels. One of the most famous statues might be Nike of Samothrake, to be found in Louvre today.

The way of the angels continued when the Roman empire grew bigger and when they did adopt many cultural behaviours of the taken territories.
When the Christianity became state religion 400 years after Christ, the angels have already been a fixed part of this 'new' religion.

As you can see, the way of the angels through human history is a long one. One time you see them quite often and they are very present – and then again they are only silent messengers of time – until they are found 'anew'.

When we now focus on the fact which function the winged creatures had through the centuries and cultures – one can easily see that they were used when a kind of connection between the god(s) / heaven and humanity should have been created – either as a kind of messenger or as a guardian.

In artwork we can find many illustrations of angels showing these aspects as well. Not only the lightful angels can be found here – but also the so-called 'fallen' angels ... showing the darker side of our believes.

The illustration of angels is manifold – but one thing is always the same ... angels touch us. They touch our hearts and souls and make us want to belief that such beings really are, as we all need a guardian, a messenger or just someone around from time to time.

What do we see in angels?
I think we could say that we - humans - see in angels a personification of hope, glory, love, kindness, shelter, guidance and protection.

What do angels give us?
They give us the feeling that something is there connecting us to heaven - to the all embracing love. Angels give us hope, understanding, love, kindness, shelter, guidance and protection - if we allow them to be part of our lives.

I always did believe in angels - and I am connected to them - and I am very thankful for that connection. It enables me to talk to them, to get advices and to feel them. Although I have this connection it doesn't mean that I am just relying on it ... no - angel are there for us but you always have to be there for yourself as well. No-one will live your life here - it is but you who is responsible for it.

Never forget that!

Blessed be

18 May 2011

Protecting your own energies

Some of you might ask themselves why on Earth anyone should protect his/her own energies when being confronted with the theme „working with energies“.
However, the protection of your own energies does not only make sense or is advisable the more often you have to deal with energies (also foreign energies) in the sense of energy work, magic(k), being a kind of medium, etc.

The protection does or would make sense for every human (and not only for humans), as we all have to deal with external influences again and again. When we regard it the way that around us everything is energy – it is reasonable that our own energy is or will someday be affected by foreign energies.

This can easily be observed when we are completely enervated by other people or when the hubbub around us gets too much and we are easily tetchy or “running on adrenaline.
All that and more are signs for an energetic overload or an external interference.

If we don’t focus on the energetic and spiritual aspect, the advice is often given in such cases to get a thicker skin so that everything can carom and therefore not bother you.
The energy protection is – more or less – nothing else.

How to do that now?
There are a few possibilities of how to protect your own energies. Most of them have to do with visualisation but there are alternatives for those who have nothing to do with visualisation or who simply cannot imagine that way for themselves – or for those who believe that they are unable to visualise.

1. Visualisation of a protective bubble

Imagine a big bubble in which you can step in completely so that you are totally surrounded by it, like being trapped in a huge balloon. You program the protective function of the bubble either by thinking of it, asking for it or seeing it. See the bubble as something where anything that wants to “attack” you just caroms.

2. Visualisation of a shield
Imagine a shield (like knights have) that is nearly a big as you are and the energy of that shield does encircle you completely. All hostile energies (speak: negative) will crash against it and carom – like a stone that would be thrown against such a shield.

3. Visualisation of a wall

The wall is probably best for those of you needing something more concrete than a bubble and/or shield.
Imagine a wall … it can be a brick, concrete, wood or whatever material you prefer – wall.
Let the wall surround you and erect it with the thought that your own energies shall be protected from other energies that want to bother / attack or influence you.
If you want and if you think that it might be necessary you can put reflections on the wall (I always choose mirrors). Those reflections will reflect what was meant for you and send it back to the originator.

However, you should consider that this method of reflection should only be used when you really have a confirmed suspicion that someone wants to harm you.

Furthermore, you should take into consideration as well that the rebound of energy could have consequences as well – without intending it this could lead to a “seesaw effect” where energies are sent to and fro.
It can – but does not have to! Just a little note to make you aware of that possibility.

Another option when you want to use those reflectors is that you form your will in the way that the energy which is meant to be reflected will be sent into the neuter where those energies will be dissipated.

These were some samples for visualisation – of course, there are more possibilities, like e. g. the drawing (visualising) of a protective pentagram. The basic principle of it works like shown with the other suggestions.

4. Asking for protection
Another method but not less effective, is asking for protection.

I sometimes do have a little problem with „asking“ as I do think that I am bothering someone and can’t just always ask. I know other people having the same problem – but let me tell you that there is no reason at all to think that or even to be afraid that this could be true.

The spiritual world really likes to help us!

When to ask and how?

You can ask whenever you have the feeling and whenever you need some protection or shielding.

How? Well, you could say a little „prayer“ (= plea).
Who you would want to ask – is a matter of your belief / feeling. You could e. g. ask: ancestors, guardians (either angel, demon or any other spiritual being), your god / gods / goddess, etc.

What concerns me – I often do ask my spiritual companions and guardians for help and support and for protection as well. By and then I also do ask my ancestors (who I somehow put under “spiritual companions” as well) for help and protection.

I ask for that kind of protection as a reinforcement of my own measures or when I am not in the position to concentrate on all other methods of protection.

Please do not fear or doubt that this kind of protection is less effective! When we ask for – our plea will be heard and measures will be taken … although not always visible or tangible by us.

The Energy of the Westwind

Last week on Wednesday I gave an energy attunement in the Westwind Energy of my energy system The Energy of the Four Winds. It was quite a while ago since I gave my last attunement as I did need a break from energy work for a couple of months. Other things were more important in my life.

Now I got asked again, if I could do the last two (three) remaining attunements for the Energy of the Four Winds (there are 5 in total) and I said: Yes.

The attunement went kind of lovely and disturbing at the same time (for me) - got the message that I should connect with the Westwind energy every single day from now on - Gabriel was very strict here (as he can be). So I did connect every day with the energy and had a lot of reflections and meditations - calming and relaxing and I was able to draw the Westwind energy anew.

I had that in mind since a while and always wanted to draw them anew  - this time showing the angel and other elements combined in the single energies.

Energy of the Westwind

Here you can see the Archangel Gabriel and how he did reveal himself to me. To state it clear: he normally wears a tunic ;) - but it looked so lovely without one. The wind spiral in his left hand can differ between a yellowish - white, a pure white and deeper yellow. The water is self-explanatory I guess.

The Energy of the Four Winds – consists of the energies of the Northwind: element Air & Archangel Raphael, of the Eastwind: element Earth & Archangel Uriel, of the Southwind: element Fire & Archangel Michael and of the Westwind: element Water & Archangel Gabriel.

The Westwind energy is a clearing energy which relieves us from all pain, injuries and doubts of the past. The healing effect of this energy shall relieve us from self-doubts, self-criticsm and grants us the loving healing we require afterwards. 
The Energy of the Westwind helps us to realise that every one is the author of his own script. No person, no situation shall steer your own life - no-one but YOU. 

This is how the energy will work in your life, when you work with it and let it happen. I am already looking forward to this evening's attunement, when I will pass on the Eastwind energy.

17 May 2011

The Angel of Well-Being

Angel of Well-Being
I did draw this angel a few days ago.
The angel of well-being is unashamed – as loving yourself is not need to be ashamed. Showing your beauty and who you are is a healthy way.
So often people hide themselves and disrespect themselves – and that is an unhealthy way of living.
Be yourself and be proud of yourself. You are allowed to show who you are! Feel free to show your beauty and don’t feel ashamed – as you are a child of love and light!

Asking the Angel of Well-Being for help:

Angel of Well-Being, please help me to open myself to the public, to respect myself and to accept myself the way I am now. Help me to show who I really am and to be every day a little bit more me! I am a child of love and light and I am willing to live in a healthy way. I am willing to love myself and to respect myself the way I've been, the way I am now and the way I will be.
Take away the burdens in my life that hinder me to step foward towards myself and my well-being. This is my will and so it shall be! Thank you!

The art of saying "No"

What to do when work is overcoming or you simply forgot: to say NO!
We surely all know that situation: sitting in front of a butload of work and asking yourself: where to start ... or 'will this ever have an ending?'
However, lets ask the question: Why do I sit in front of that butload of work?

Perhaps the reason why is -  that I did postpone it again and again ... so the work did sum up - or ... I simply took too much up!
Well - the reason could, of course, also lie in the fact that I, quite honestly, forgot (again) to say NO.

Should the reason be that we simply did postpone it - lets ask:


What did I want to do before?
What have I done before and why did I postpone it?
What hinders me to do it immediately?

The answers to these questions often show us the solution.

We are often not in the mood to, because it is something which does not really cause fun and is probably a tiresome necessity. A very simple example: making the dishes, doing the laundry, taking the trash out, etc etc etc ...

We have to do it - but don't want to do it ... should however do it ... but would love to do something different ...
Who does not know that?!

I just have to look at me to give you a glorious example: Sitting in front of a huge mountain of laundry to be done and asking myself: 'How could that have happened?'
The answer was crystal clear: I don't take much pleasure in it - although it would only be a short walk to the washing machine ...

Let us draw a conclusion at this point: We like to do something that gives us pleasure! (keep that in mind)

Now to another case: I took too much work up!

Again - most of us know this situation: You made plans and took too much up - but you were only able to cope with half of it and are still snowed under with work ...

This: 'Sure, I can do that' - 'Well, I am able to' ... and more and more and more - and then ... going crazy

Why: A reason therefore can easily be that we want to test out our own limits or we simply don't know our own limits yet.
If we upload too much work ... the house of cards can rapidly collapse.

Should it be the case that work is about to overwhelm us - it is necessary to organize yourself better and - most of all - to delegate work that can be delegated!

The point "too much" likes to accompany the next point: forgetting to say NO!

Many of us are much too kind and have a helper syndrome in disguise ... whether our fellow men know that - or feel it subliminally ... at the end it will be very likely that most of the work will be done by us, because we were not able to say NO.

Saying NO is so important - as the NO shows our limits! Limits or borders set, which another person has to respect, as it is our life and our determination how we will live it and what for we will use our time.

Of course, there are compromises and sure we will have to make some - but it is always the fact that we are able to decide and determine!

So - if we forget to set our limits for others as well - we are getting vulnerable. It then often results in being confronted anew with something we actually did not want.
The one to be blamed - yourself. You forgot to say NO!

A good thing is - you are still able to say NO ... or learn to ask for help, should you discover that it is too much.

The point is not to please everybody and it is not true that people like you more, if you do anything for them or you want to relieve someone of something ... because you'd like to help.
Isn't it rather the point (or shouldn't it be) that people like you for who you are - and that means, saying as well: "Listen, it is too much for me!" or "No, I am sorry I can't ...!"

It is not bad to say "No"! It is not bad or a sign of weakness to ask for help ... no, it is rather a sign of strength as you have recognized that you have your limits - and that it is good like that!

The one being able to notice that and to realize it, will see that the others are not angry or disappointed - it might be a surprise for them and for yourself at the beginning ... but showing them your weakness and that your are just a human being as well and no superman or woman - makes you even more loveable than you already are!

Lets see what we have so far:

We love to do - what we like and it is easy for us to handle that.
We tend to postpone those things we don't like that much and what is a tiresome necessity.
We should learn to delegate some work and to organize our work.
Saying 'NO' is important!

What to do when being in the middle of a tremendous workload and the substance (your own) is slowly vanishing?
In fact the solution is fairly easy ... you just have to want and willing to realize it.

We kept in mind that you like to do what you love ... so first of all - you focus on that!

Best thing that can be done or should be done (to facilitate things) - list what has to be done!
Now check the list and see what points on that list could be delegated - transferred to others.

To transfer the work you best look out for persons having something to do with the situation. For example: housework!

Housework can be delegated and everyone living in the same household can do a bit - so that the work won't overwhelm one single person. Pity is - when you live alone! When living alone you will have to do the tiresome thing as well ... in that case you better start with the things you don't like that much: in my case it would be e.g. doing the dishes.
Should that be done - you focus on the things you are good in ... time will vanish quickly and the work will be done!

For other works to be done - do not forget to ask for help! You will notice that life will be easier when you sometimes show your weak points as well - you are just a human and you don't have to do everything by yourself!

What you never should forget as well ... especially when being stressed: Taking a time-out!

Taking some time off is really important ... as you need the time for get away from it all to be able to get new energy!

For those not knowing what to do as a time-out: you can make a short trip, meet friends, go into the movies, phone a friend and talk about funny things ... make a spa day - just drift a bit - hang loose!

Getting away from all the stress and leaving the hubbub behind - that is balm for your soul. Just try it and get out of your usual behaviour.

So - should you normally take a walk to relax ... do something different!
If drawing a painting is your stuff to do - grab a book and read ... or write ... just do something different!
Go out - get into the car, the bus, the tram or whatever ... and go somewhere else - make a day trip to a place you always wanted to go to ... or let the road lead you. Take your time ... look around carefully - try to see the beauty all around you: the clouds in the sky, the different shades of nature, the tiny little animals you would normally pass by without having a look at it.

Try for once - sitting still and just listen to the sounds surrounding you ... let yourself flow and get your mind clear.

If you take those "rules" to heart then work / stress has fewer and fewer points to gnaw on us and to wear us down!

How to get in touch with your angel(s)

I did remove all the old posts as I no longer felt comfortable with them - and so I made the layout and everything anew. Here is my first post ... again.

I got asked again how it is possible to get in touch with your angel. As I did write that down - a while ago - I simply post it again. For sure there are other ways as well - this is just one way it could work:

How to get in touch with your angel(s)

Many persons ask themselves again and again how they can get in touch with their guardian angel – or they wish for feeling him/her to be sure that the angel is really there.

Why still doubting?

When you work with magic(k) and/or any spiritual matter – one essential thing is to trust and believe in what you are doing or in what you want.

What it does it bring to me when my angel touches me or speaks to me but I just think that it is all rubbish and even don’t want to feel his touches – or don’t want to listen?!
When I don’t have the faith and belief and doubts as well as rationality do overshadow everything – then I won’t succeed.

To doubt means in that sense that you blockade yourself – you erect blockades where normally no blockades are.

The angel could carry a sign showing: YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL and he could wave and yell at you and even if you could see him like you do see normal people … you would still shake your head and say to yourself: „Rubbish! That does not exist!”

Unfortunately, large parts of belief and all-day magic(k) got lost in the duration of mankind. In early times nearly everyone did believe in guardian beings, natural spirits and gods … but apart from a few cultures it is nowadays so, that our reason tells us: „Drop it … it is just a phantasm.“

The evolution of magic(k) and spirituality was/is – in this spirit – regressive.

However, what is important for the contact with e. g. an angel (but also with other spirits) is simply that you trust and believe!

It is not always easy to realise an angel (or any other spirit) – especially when the „antennae“ – i. e. the perception – are not really made aware yet.

What can we do now?

There are many possibilities and if I would now write them all down – it would be kind of too much (‘cause they’d fill some chapters). However, I would like to show you a very simple method.

You need:

1. Silence
2. Belief
3. Faith
4. A bit of time

Silence (peace) is necessary because the daily routine and all the bustle going along with it, make you „deaf“ for such subtle nuances, which are needed to be able to feel more, to see more or to hear more.
Every person has another way to sense an angel (or any other spirit) and there is no „it just works that way!”

Some person might recognize an angel as a kind of manifestation, others might feel him/her and others can „just“ see him with the inner eye or hear the angel. There are so many different ways that it would be not right to tell you – that the contact just happened when you did experience this or that.

For being able to sense the energy of our angel it is necessary (at least at the beginning) that we go into silence and peace (also the inner peace).

You don’t have to be an anchorite or hermit or act like on … it is much, much easier.

A room where no-one will disturb you and you can simply go into your silence – is completely sufficient. If you would like to switch off the phone (etc.) – gorgeous (but you don’t have to).

Let go all „have to’s“ – if you will not succeed at first go – then perhaps next time. It is not said that you will be successful at first go … but here the same applies like everywhere else as well, don’t give up!

You will need a bit of time to be able to calm down and find your peace. Sure this will be getting better and better each time you work with it.
With “time” I also refer to the above mentioned topic. Should you have no success at first go – try again and again.

Now to the excercise:

Sit down – relax and close your eyes. Breath in and out a few times – let your thoughts pass by … and switch of your reason.

Give yourself the time to let the thoughts flow and don’t grip on a thought.

I also visualise it that way: I am sitting on a chair and in the room comes a thought. That can e. g. be: „I have to go shopping … “
This entering thought I do observe with “Ah … there is a thought …” and while seen that thought slowly passing by … the thought will get unsure … and go away.

You could also ask yourself: “What do I think?” Then wait what will happen … let it come – let is go and observe how that thought will soften and die away – and will then be gone.

When you have reached the moment where you feel a comfortable emptiness and silence then ask your angel to come to you and stand behind you.

It could now be that your back will get warm or you feel a kind of prickle – this can happen but must not happen.
Wait a bit and don’t get nervous if you should feel something. Just sense it.

When you feel a presence – ask your angel to stand by your side – and wait what will happen.
It could of course be that your reason wants to tell you out or make you believe that it is not real … if it is so – just do the same like you did with your thoughts before.

When you feel your angel beside you – ask the angel to stand in front of you and to touch you (if you would want that). Do not expect a concrete touch – it can be like a breeze or like a tender, caring warmth. How you will sense it, depends on your perceptual capacity. Just let it happen …

If you want to – you can ask your angel now for his/her name.

Let come what wants to come. Don’t panic when the name is not what you might have expected or if it not a name “known”.
Should you be afraid or expect something different (etc.) – it can be that you won’t hear a name at all or that you will just hear the beginning of the name.

Try to calm down again – and try it again … perhaps another time.

It is not grave if you block out the „hearing“ as your reason has to be able to deal with that situation as well and that does not always work immediately or from one day to another.

With this little meditation you can always try to get in touch with your angel. What you just have to do is trust and believe that it is no nonsense and, above all, you should not give up when it won’t work at first go.

Besides such a relatively easy meditation you can simply tell your worries, sorrows, fears, doubts (and so on) your angel.
Ask him as well to carry away your worries and to show you some solutions ort he reason why – so that you can understand your current situation / problem or whatever.

You can tell your angel everything that is bothering you, amusing you or making you happy. The angels will listen and they will help you. Just ask and be willing to do something as well!

An angel can give you advices and suggestions – but if you won’t do something – the angel cannot help you.

In spite of spiritual contact, in spite of help – it is still us who have to live our lives! We are here and we should never forget that!

To have help is a gorgeous thing – also from the spiritual side – but taking action … that is always our part!