1 October 2011

Archangel Michael

Michael - Hebrew ‏מיכאל‎; Arabic ميكائيل/ميكا‎ „Mika'il/Mikaal“; translated:  „Who is like God?“ is not only known in Christianity but also in other religions. 

It is said that Archangel Michael shall be the ruler of the 4th Heavenly Realm and he is credited with many other tasks. He is said to be the top angel concerning battling. And he is often depicted with a sword.

The energy of Michael can be like fire ... warming and caring but also full of might and brutality. Although this is nothing to fear. Often seen as a fighter he shows us, like a caring teacher, where our strengths lie but also our weaknesses. 

Who would like to work with the Archangel Michael can do this, e.g. when bravery, confidence, stability and stamina are needed in difficult situations. Furthermore, you may ask Michael for help in matters concerning soul connections as well as shielding of energies.

He guides us to utilize our potential completely and not to loose bravery when something seems to be hopeless.

I personally feel and see the energy of the Archangel Micheal as a very powerful one, embracing me tenderly. It is pulsating in a deep blue with sparkles of gold - and can sometimes have sparks of red in it, too. 

Some persons are talking of a "blue ray" - which is assigned to him and those working with him. 

The element which is often (some variations here as well) assigned to him - is the element of fire.

As already mentioned above you can ask the Archangel Michael for help and support in many matters. 

Who feels shy asking the angels for help ... get over it!

There is no reason for it - apart from that your are not very keen about working with angels and do prefer other spirits or methods.

Help will be granted - when you ask for it!

You may ask Micheal for help, support and advice in the following matters:

- protection (also of your own energies, or the energies of you household, etc.)
- bravery
- clarity
- stamina
- solvation of problems
- soul connections, in need of clarification
- strength
- willpower
- confidence
- stability
- self-doubts, self-determination, etc.
- energetic cleaning

He may, of course, help you in any other matters as well - when you do have the feeling it might help. 

Please take into consideration that working with angels and other spirits does not replace a therapy and treatment by a therapist and/or doctor.

 Energetic painting of Archangel Michael
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