21 July 2011

I adore

Without romance my life would be nothing
Without love my life would be a mess
Without being myself …
Life would not be worth living

Without … without …

I wonder often enough …

Without … without …

Why should anyone want to be without romance?
Or love?
Or being themselves?

Why … why …?

Why are there so many people in the world …
looking devastated, empty and gray?


Why is it said by so many people that love is a mess?
Why do so many persons think that romance is overestimated?
Why is it often the case that people just do something without listening to their dreams, wishes and longings?

So many questions … so many.

I want to have romance in my life!
I need love and sometimes even with a mess
I am longing for being myself
… as life should be worth living for me

I want … I need … I am longing …

Reaching out my hand for those things,
grabbing peace, trust and believe.
Clinging to shelter, protection and company.
Embracing mercy, kindness and surety.

With all those things … and even more

We all can say: I ADORE

I adore my life with romance
I adore my life with love
I adore me being myself
as my life is worth living!

Copyright since April 12, 2010  - Tricia Danby

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