9 June 2011

For all the unseen children

I am shining for you in my brightest colours,
I am wearing my sunny yellow sunday dress for you ...
If you only let me to.

I am singing for you with my beautiful voice,
I am dancing for you in a soft summer breeze ...
If you only let me to.

I will turn and spin,
I will laugh and grin,
I will be the star sparkling for you ...
If you only let me to.

Let me be your sunny yellow colour spot in your grey life,
Let me be your summer song in the monotone sound of your being,
Let me be your refreshing breeze in the dullness of the day,
Let me be your flower in the coldness of the room,
Let me be there for you ...
Let me be ...
Let me ...

See me - I am your child!

I did write this poem in 2008 already and it turned out a bit depressive but somehow the words did flow like that - for all the children not being seen!

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