9 June 2011

January until June

I once did write those short poems as a part of a challenge someone gave me on deviantArt in 2006 (goodness time is running)


Snow covered landscapes glistening in the winter light,
the Ice Queen’s dress is shining in bright daylight.

January is when the bears are fast asleep
and your feet sink in the fluffy white snow so deep.

A new dawn of year has just begun,
soft are the touches of the winter sun.


February starts with Brigid’s day
and the sun is sending its brightest ray.

This means the winter is fading away,
spring is softly calling on that February day.

Valentine sings his sweetest song,
and the lovers turtle all night long.

And should there ever by a 30st day,
we should celebrate this until the 1st of May.


In March we celebrate the awaking of the nature
and the little tiny lambs should stay on the pasture.

Ostara brings back the green upon the fields,
her Aurora breaks the late icy shields.

The eggs symbolize fertility,
and your lover will come – just wait and see!


April fool, you may be named,
burst out with laughter and don’t be ashamed!

The April Fool may hit everyone,
even your daughter or your son.

Pollen fly high in the air,
No time for sorrow or despair.


Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
and the month is heralded by Beltane’s day.

The holy marriage is celebrated now,
you should honour the couple with a bow.

Take your time, dance and sing,
this is love – this is Spring!


June is the month of the midsummer’s night
when everything is bathed in a mysterious light.

Fairies dance and sing along
and sometimes the humans can hear their enchanting song.

The music of Summer now fills the air,
its time for fun and not for despair.

And June is my birthday month - tomorrow to be exact :)


Rowan Plantagenet said...

Those are lovely, dear. Of course I especially like February ;)

Tricia Danby said...

Of course :)