5 June 2011

Random thoughts

I've been to the 1st International Camp of the OBOD - Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids - in The Netherlands yesterday.

Just had the time and money for one day - so I went yesterday with my best friend Rowan, who also in in her bardic year at the OBOD.

What we did see and experience was really lovely and I did enjoy the day a lot. Didn't meet that many people but nodded to a few and had some nice conversations as well. It is never that easy to get in touch with others when you just come over for a day and have to leave then again.

Unfortunately, the meals weren't that good - to my opinion ... but I enjoyed the tarot workshop I did join although the mirror I did look in wasn't that nice to me. Funny thing is - I already knew the messages - but having to look at them again - wasn't that easy for me.

I did like, however, how the tarot tutor did explain and show us the cards. I had to agree inwardly quite often though.

When I do readings for others by using the oracle cards (never worked with tarot) I always check the meanings in the booklet and pick out what seems suitable for me and sometimes it makes no sense at all - and I just tell and say what I see in it plus the messages I usually get when connecting with card and energy.

I scribbled down an energy drawing with yesterday and I will draw this when having finished my water fairy.

Looking forward to it!

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