17 May 2011

The Angel of Well-Being

Angel of Well-Being
I did draw this angel a few days ago.
The angel of well-being is unashamed – as loving yourself is not need to be ashamed. Showing your beauty and who you are is a healthy way.
So often people hide themselves and disrespect themselves – and that is an unhealthy way of living.
Be yourself and be proud of yourself. You are allowed to show who you are! Feel free to show your beauty and don’t feel ashamed – as you are a child of love and light!

Asking the Angel of Well-Being for help:

Angel of Well-Being, please help me to open myself to the public, to respect myself and to accept myself the way I am now. Help me to show who I really am and to be every day a little bit more me! I am a child of love and light and I am willing to live in a healthy way. I am willing to love myself and to respect myself the way I've been, the way I am now and the way I will be.
Take away the burdens in my life that hinder me to step foward towards myself and my well-being. This is my will and so it shall be! Thank you!

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