18 May 2011

The Energy of the Westwind

Last week on Wednesday I gave an energy attunement in the Westwind Energy of my energy system The Energy of the Four Winds. It was quite a while ago since I gave my last attunement as I did need a break from energy work for a couple of months. Other things were more important in my life.

Now I got asked again, if I could do the last two (three) remaining attunements for the Energy of the Four Winds (there are 5 in total) and I said: Yes.

The attunement went kind of lovely and disturbing at the same time (for me) - got the message that I should connect with the Westwind energy every single day from now on - Gabriel was very strict here (as he can be). So I did connect every day with the energy and had a lot of reflections and meditations - calming and relaxing and I was able to draw the Westwind energy anew.

I had that in mind since a while and always wanted to draw them anew  - this time showing the angel and other elements combined in the single energies.

Energy of the Westwind

Here you can see the Archangel Gabriel and how he did reveal himself to me. To state it clear: he normally wears a tunic ;) - but it looked so lovely without one. The wind spiral in his left hand can differ between a yellowish - white, a pure white and deeper yellow. The water is self-explanatory I guess.

The Energy of the Four Winds – consists of the energies of the Northwind: element Air & Archangel Raphael, of the Eastwind: element Earth & Archangel Uriel, of the Southwind: element Fire & Archangel Michael and of the Westwind: element Water & Archangel Gabriel.

The Westwind energy is a clearing energy which relieves us from all pain, injuries and doubts of the past. The healing effect of this energy shall relieve us from self-doubts, self-criticsm and grants us the loving healing we require afterwards. 
The Energy of the Westwind helps us to realise that every one is the author of his own script. No person, no situation shall steer your own life - no-one but YOU. 

This is how the energy will work in your life, when you work with it and let it happen. I am already looking forward to this evening's attunement, when I will pass on the Eastwind energy.

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