18 May 2011

Protecting your own energies

Some of you might ask themselves why on Earth anyone should protect his/her own energies when being confronted with the theme „working with energies“.
However, the protection of your own energies does not only make sense or is advisable the more often you have to deal with energies (also foreign energies) in the sense of energy work, magic(k), being a kind of medium, etc.

The protection does or would make sense for every human (and not only for humans), as we all have to deal with external influences again and again. When we regard it the way that around us everything is energy – it is reasonable that our own energy is or will someday be affected by foreign energies.

This can easily be observed when we are completely enervated by other people or when the hubbub around us gets too much and we are easily tetchy or “running on adrenaline.
All that and more are signs for an energetic overload or an external interference.

If we don’t focus on the energetic and spiritual aspect, the advice is often given in such cases to get a thicker skin so that everything can carom and therefore not bother you.
The energy protection is – more or less – nothing else.

How to do that now?
There are a few possibilities of how to protect your own energies. Most of them have to do with visualisation but there are alternatives for those who have nothing to do with visualisation or who simply cannot imagine that way for themselves – or for those who believe that they are unable to visualise.

1. Visualisation of a protective bubble

Imagine a big bubble in which you can step in completely so that you are totally surrounded by it, like being trapped in a huge balloon. You program the protective function of the bubble either by thinking of it, asking for it or seeing it. See the bubble as something where anything that wants to “attack” you just caroms.

2. Visualisation of a shield
Imagine a shield (like knights have) that is nearly a big as you are and the energy of that shield does encircle you completely. All hostile energies (speak: negative) will crash against it and carom – like a stone that would be thrown against such a shield.

3. Visualisation of a wall

The wall is probably best for those of you needing something more concrete than a bubble and/or shield.
Imagine a wall … it can be a brick, concrete, wood or whatever material you prefer – wall.
Let the wall surround you and erect it with the thought that your own energies shall be protected from other energies that want to bother / attack or influence you.
If you want and if you think that it might be necessary you can put reflections on the wall (I always choose mirrors). Those reflections will reflect what was meant for you and send it back to the originator.

However, you should consider that this method of reflection should only be used when you really have a confirmed suspicion that someone wants to harm you.

Furthermore, you should take into consideration as well that the rebound of energy could have consequences as well – without intending it this could lead to a “seesaw effect” where energies are sent to and fro.
It can – but does not have to! Just a little note to make you aware of that possibility.

Another option when you want to use those reflectors is that you form your will in the way that the energy which is meant to be reflected will be sent into the neuter where those energies will be dissipated.

These were some samples for visualisation – of course, there are more possibilities, like e. g. the drawing (visualising) of a protective pentagram. The basic principle of it works like shown with the other suggestions.

4. Asking for protection
Another method but not less effective, is asking for protection.

I sometimes do have a little problem with „asking“ as I do think that I am bothering someone and can’t just always ask. I know other people having the same problem – but let me tell you that there is no reason at all to think that or even to be afraid that this could be true.

The spiritual world really likes to help us!

When to ask and how?

You can ask whenever you have the feeling and whenever you need some protection or shielding.

How? Well, you could say a little „prayer“ (= plea).
Who you would want to ask – is a matter of your belief / feeling. You could e. g. ask: ancestors, guardians (either angel, demon or any other spiritual being), your god / gods / goddess, etc.

What concerns me – I often do ask my spiritual companions and guardians for help and support and for protection as well. By and then I also do ask my ancestors (who I somehow put under “spiritual companions” as well) for help and protection.

I ask for that kind of protection as a reinforcement of my own measures or when I am not in the position to concentrate on all other methods of protection.

Please do not fear or doubt that this kind of protection is less effective! When we ask for – our plea will be heard and measures will be taken … although not always visible or tangible by us.

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