17 May 2011

How to get in touch with your angel(s)

I did remove all the old posts as I no longer felt comfortable with them - and so I made the layout and everything anew. Here is my first post ... again.

I got asked again how it is possible to get in touch with your angel. As I did write that down - a while ago - I simply post it again. For sure there are other ways as well - this is just one way it could work:

How to get in touch with your angel(s)

Many persons ask themselves again and again how they can get in touch with their guardian angel – or they wish for feeling him/her to be sure that the angel is really there.

Why still doubting?

When you work with magic(k) and/or any spiritual matter – one essential thing is to trust and believe in what you are doing or in what you want.

What it does it bring to me when my angel touches me or speaks to me but I just think that it is all rubbish and even don’t want to feel his touches – or don’t want to listen?!
When I don’t have the faith and belief and doubts as well as rationality do overshadow everything – then I won’t succeed.

To doubt means in that sense that you blockade yourself – you erect blockades where normally no blockades are.

The angel could carry a sign showing: YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL and he could wave and yell at you and even if you could see him like you do see normal people … you would still shake your head and say to yourself: „Rubbish! That does not exist!”

Unfortunately, large parts of belief and all-day magic(k) got lost in the duration of mankind. In early times nearly everyone did believe in guardian beings, natural spirits and gods … but apart from a few cultures it is nowadays so, that our reason tells us: „Drop it … it is just a phantasm.“

The evolution of magic(k) and spirituality was/is – in this spirit – regressive.

However, what is important for the contact with e. g. an angel (but also with other spirits) is simply that you trust and believe!

It is not always easy to realise an angel (or any other spirit) – especially when the „antennae“ – i. e. the perception – are not really made aware yet.

What can we do now?

There are many possibilities and if I would now write them all down – it would be kind of too much (‘cause they’d fill some chapters). However, I would like to show you a very simple method.

You need:

1. Silence
2. Belief
3. Faith
4. A bit of time

Silence (peace) is necessary because the daily routine and all the bustle going along with it, make you „deaf“ for such subtle nuances, which are needed to be able to feel more, to see more or to hear more.
Every person has another way to sense an angel (or any other spirit) and there is no „it just works that way!”

Some person might recognize an angel as a kind of manifestation, others might feel him/her and others can „just“ see him with the inner eye or hear the angel. There are so many different ways that it would be not right to tell you – that the contact just happened when you did experience this or that.

For being able to sense the energy of our angel it is necessary (at least at the beginning) that we go into silence and peace (also the inner peace).

You don’t have to be an anchorite or hermit or act like on … it is much, much easier.

A room where no-one will disturb you and you can simply go into your silence – is completely sufficient. If you would like to switch off the phone (etc.) – gorgeous (but you don’t have to).

Let go all „have to’s“ – if you will not succeed at first go – then perhaps next time. It is not said that you will be successful at first go … but here the same applies like everywhere else as well, don’t give up!

You will need a bit of time to be able to calm down and find your peace. Sure this will be getting better and better each time you work with it.
With “time” I also refer to the above mentioned topic. Should you have no success at first go – try again and again.

Now to the excercise:

Sit down – relax and close your eyes. Breath in and out a few times – let your thoughts pass by … and switch of your reason.

Give yourself the time to let the thoughts flow and don’t grip on a thought.

I also visualise it that way: I am sitting on a chair and in the room comes a thought. That can e. g. be: „I have to go shopping … “
This entering thought I do observe with “Ah … there is a thought …” and while seen that thought slowly passing by … the thought will get unsure … and go away.

You could also ask yourself: “What do I think?” Then wait what will happen … let it come – let is go and observe how that thought will soften and die away – and will then be gone.

When you have reached the moment where you feel a comfortable emptiness and silence then ask your angel to come to you and stand behind you.

It could now be that your back will get warm or you feel a kind of prickle – this can happen but must not happen.
Wait a bit and don’t get nervous if you should feel something. Just sense it.

When you feel a presence – ask your angel to stand by your side – and wait what will happen.
It could of course be that your reason wants to tell you out or make you believe that it is not real … if it is so – just do the same like you did with your thoughts before.

When you feel your angel beside you – ask the angel to stand in front of you and to touch you (if you would want that). Do not expect a concrete touch – it can be like a breeze or like a tender, caring warmth. How you will sense it, depends on your perceptual capacity. Just let it happen …

If you want to – you can ask your angel now for his/her name.

Let come what wants to come. Don’t panic when the name is not what you might have expected or if it not a name “known”.
Should you be afraid or expect something different (etc.) – it can be that you won’t hear a name at all or that you will just hear the beginning of the name.

Try to calm down again – and try it again … perhaps another time.

It is not grave if you block out the „hearing“ as your reason has to be able to deal with that situation as well and that does not always work immediately or from one day to another.

With this little meditation you can always try to get in touch with your angel. What you just have to do is trust and believe that it is no nonsense and, above all, you should not give up when it won’t work at first go.

Besides such a relatively easy meditation you can simply tell your worries, sorrows, fears, doubts (and so on) your angel.
Ask him as well to carry away your worries and to show you some solutions ort he reason why – so that you can understand your current situation / problem or whatever.

You can tell your angel everything that is bothering you, amusing you or making you happy. The angels will listen and they will help you. Just ask and be willing to do something as well!

An angel can give you advices and suggestions – but if you won’t do something – the angel cannot help you.

In spite of spiritual contact, in spite of help – it is still us who have to live our lives! We are here and we should never forget that!

To have help is a gorgeous thing – also from the spiritual side – but taking action … that is always our part!

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