20 May 2011

Energy shower - Refreshing your energies

Energy shower

The energy shower is simple but very effective way of regaining energy.

While showering you imagine the water as pure and shiny light.

The light is the universal energy that surrounds us all. Imagine how the water washes off all the burdens and old/negative energy. See the old and muddy energy floating down the sink and feel how your burdens are vanishing with every water shower.

While you feel the old energy been washed off, the water coming from above is filled with new energy for your body & soul. Imagine how the water is purest energy that you need to feel better re-loaded again.

To avoid that negative/minor energy can have any effect on you, you can imagine that the water creates a protective sheath while running over your body. This sheath will work like an impregnated/waterproof jacket and the negative/minor energy will just roll off.

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